About The Program

- Taking into consideration work gaining experiences, technology development and enlargement of the database network, the program will be under permanent improvement and upgrading.
- The program is an Internet based system – it can an be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime; it is open to public, up to date, user-friendly to use, integrated, scalable, reliable, centralized; and has widespread usage, mostly current information, and live update.
- The program makes use of a G.I.S.-based system - all properties are geographically based; the properties can be seen on maps and satellite images based on satellite links. A small set of data with one image is accessible on the Google Map and similar programs.
- There are four data levels of dossier for each property: (a) Basic Data; (b) Property per se; (c) Property in Urban context; (d) Supporting documents- digital library and archive.
- The basic level is fully accessible for anyone. Other levels are accessible for registered users, partners in the program, or interested parties affiliated to research institutions or projects.
Registration will be regulated by protocols or agreements.

The aim is to register 100000 properties by incorporating data to be supplied by the OIC member countries’ concerned institutions, during a period of ten years.