HRH Sultan Ibn Salman
Saudi Arabia

Official name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East. It occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula and is bordered by Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait in the North, Oman and Yemen in the South, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and the Gulf in the East, and the Red Sea in the West.
Total Land Area: 1,960,580 km2

Land boundaries: 4,415 km
Capital: Riyadh
Official Language: Arabic

Population: 23,950,033 (2004)

Show Cities of Saudi Arabia
  • Al Bahaa

  • Islamic Monuments Of Al Bahaa
  • Al Jowf

  • Islamic Monuments Of Al Jowf
  • Al Qasim

  • Islamic Monuments Of Al Qasim
  • Aseer

  • Islamic Monuments Of Aseer
  • Eastern Province

  • Islamic Monuments Of Eastern Province
  • Hael

  • Islamic Monuments Of Hael
  • Jazan
  • Madinah

  • Islamic Monuments Of Madinah


        Madinah is the second holiest city in the Muslim world. Apart from having been the center of military and political actions of Muhammed and the early caliphs, the city acquires its importance from housing the Mosque of the Prophet and Muhammed's tomb. It is also the major city of Saudi Arabia.

        Before Muhammed's migration (Hijr) in 622, the city was known as Yathrib. When Muhammed had moved to Medina, he made the city his base for actions. The city became to known as Madinah al-Munawwara (the luminous city), Medinat an-Nabi (city of the Prophet) or Madinat Rasul Allah (city of the apostle of Allah). As the first caliphs had preserved the city's position as the center of the Islamic Empire, the city continued to preserve its political importance and to develop.


  • Makkah

  • Islamic Monuments Of Makkah

        Makkah, also known as Mintaqat Makkah is the most sacred city for the Muslim World. Located in a hollow in the Batn Makkah Mountains, it is the place where the prophet Muhammad was born (570) and started recieving and preaching the Quran (610). It is the spiritual center of Islam as the oldest part of the city, al-Batha, contains the Holy Mosque (Masjid al-Haram) and the Ka'ba which is the destination for the obligatory Hajj pilgrimage.

        Makkah's old city is developed around the Holy Mosque. The Masjid al-Haram is the most holiest and prestigious mosque. It is also the largest mosque of the world and had gone through many enlargements and changes throughout the history due to the increasing number of pilgrims.

        The Ka'ba which is the holiest building of Islam is at the focal point of Masjid al-Haram. The Black Stone (al-Hajr al-Aswad), which is sacred for the Muslims, is also located in the Ka'ba.

  • Najran

  • Islamic Monuments Of Najran
  • Northern Borders

  • Islamic Monuments Of Northern Borders
  • Riyadh
  • Tabouk

  • Islamic Monuments Of Tabouk
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