HRH Sultan Ibn Salman

Official name: Republic of Azerbaijan
Location: Azerbaijan is located in South-west Asia. It is bordered by Armenia in the West and South-west, Iran and Turkey in the South, Russia in the North and Georgia in the North-west.
Total Land Area: 2,381,741 km2
Land boundaries:
2,013 km
Capital: Baku
Official Language: Azerbaijani (Azeri)
Population: 8,354,607 (2004)

Show Cities of Azerbaijan
  • Agdam

  • Islamic Monuments Of Agdam

    Aghdam City is located in the Aghdam region of Azerbaijan, which was established in 1930. The region is located on the north-eastern part of Garabakh mountain range and in the western part of Kura-Araks Lowland. The terrain is mostly plain, while some parts are highland. The highest point is 1365 meters over the sea. The Khachin and Gargara Rivers spring from this region. Aghdam City is the capital of this region.


    There are many archeological and architectural sites date that from prehistoric times to late Middle Ages in Aghdam region.

  • Baku

  • Islamic Monuments Of Baku

    Baku had been in the state of Shirvan that existed from 9th century until 1538, when it was conquered by Safavid Iran. During the 12th to 15th centuries, Baku became the cultural capital of the country with the development of Sufism. The capital of Shirvan Shahs was moved from Shermakha to Baku as a result of an earthquake. It was during this era that the masterpiece of Azerbaijan architecture, the Shirvan Shahs Palace, along with many mosques, madrasas, caravanserais, baths and many other monuments, were built. The town was occupied by the Ottoman Sultan Murad III in 1538, and was captured by the Russian General Matushkin and was burnt in 1723. The city was joined to the Russian Empire in 1783 and it became the capital of the Azerbaijan Republic after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

  • Gabala

  • Islamic Monuments Of Gabala
  • Gobustan

  • Islamic Monuments Of Gobustan
  • Sheki

  • Islamic Monuments Of Sheki
  • Shusha

  • Islamic Monuments Of Shusha

    Shusha is a city in Nagorno-Karabakh region, with the status of an administrative center of the Shusha Rayon. The city is in a strategic position because of the surrounding mountainous region. It is also an important cultural center of South Caucasus, as being home to many poets, writers and musicians. The city of Shusha is a rare example of Azerbaijan mediaval urban development, bearing many monuments of Karabakh architecture and civilization. In 1988, Shusha City has taken the status of the State Historical and Architectural Reserve of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  • Ter-Ter

  • Islamic Monuments Of Ter-Ter
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